I am because you let me 

It has been 25 years since you pushed, screamed, cried and prayed that i get out of the womb safely. I remember the story of my birth like i was there 😂😂
Lol yes i was there but like i have a memory of it. Thank you for telling me that story i thnk the moral of that story is to pray always. I took this because of who you are and the parts of the story you empasise.
Today im 25 im proud to say im equiped. To take care of myself and this is because of you dad and my siblings. Thank you for raising them to be the people they are, they are great role models and a great team in life.
Coming back to you, i thank God for your strength you have gone through alot because of me for some of it im sorry and for some , well mother really u should not have been mad lol i mean come on im a good child😁 (overally)
You have shown me what not giving up means and that you can achieve your dreams nomatter what age. Your current obsession with organic food is fascinating considering you have eaten organic food all your life. I admire it though because its healthy living. Also you have a great body and thanks for that by the way i have great genes becaus of you. Oh the other day i looked at your pictures with Maka and i noticed she has your nose, generations i see! Thanks for the nose its kinda cute.
As i celebrate today and force everyone to buy me cake as ussual, i would like to thank you for shaping who i am, the confidence has taken me places and i am my own person because you let me. Thank you for noticing what i needed as a person and allowing me to be i know that was hard. I am because you let me, i am happy.
I love you mama
God bless you


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