Saying goodbye to Norway 

This is hard! I’m in love with Oslo😍😍.I’m supposed to be excited about going home and seeing my family and friends and don’t get me wrong I AM. But I got comfortable in Oslo what she offered me was beautiful,crazy fun,ugly and plain old happy. I met people who became my friends and that I ate many a meal with and danced with and it became home. Maybe I got too comfortable , and i guess that was the idea. I will miss Oslo because it has become my home 🏡. What I have experienced feels like I have been in Oslo for over a year! Thank you Oslo. And now for Harare 😍😍 home, I can’t wait to see you again and get comfortable again. 

Oslo, till we meet again. My love  letter to you is not as witty as I hoped but it’s still a love letter none the less. 

With love ❤️😘

Sometimes in November

Sometimes in November I remember the goofy games,nicknames and the old recycled  bicycle you revamped for us.

the love the protectiveness which I see in our photos from the postures.

Sometimes in November I laugh and cry , the process is often confusing.

This November i am happy for the memories and the confidence you gave me to be just me and all my crazy self. To laugh and be goofy when i want and to just hang and watch cartoons all i want. 

this November i am happy because we are all happy and even if you are gone, we still remember .

RIP Ronnie love C…