frustrations of a female from my mother land

I laugh a lot and I talk a lot, all this in an effort to hide my pain from you. What kind of woman will I be if I walk around with may pain showing to the world. I was told that a woman is strong she shows not her distress to the world because it is her job to protect.

The topic of my feelings is one that is discussed only when I raise my voice and even then I am a drama queen. If I voice my thoughts in a hushed tone like you expect I am the perfect woman and you ignore me. Do you want me to raise hell to come uproot the very foundation of your house?  If not, then listen. And Yes! That was a threat.

Now listen and listen well, pay attention I am speaking. When I speak these are not my emotions but rather my thoughts. I have a fully functional brain just so you know. I make choices not based on emotions but on the logic of being considerate and believe me that is not a weakness. Emotional, “feeling station” and weepy aren’t words and phrases to describe me find other words! I will buy you an oxford dictionary if you want. Why waste money! Use an online dictionary and find new words I have heard that story before and sweetie, I do not care!

Yes I can be a tornado but I choose not to be. When I talk I demand you listen because I listen to you too and frankly sometimes you say crap.  I do this and I expect the same from you let’s call it reciprocal living. My jokes aren’t jokes at all but they are a method learned from yester years to relay my thoughts to you that is after all the only time you listen. I distract you with my jokes but you have heard my truth. Now I am acting on it don’t ask me why I told you didn’t I?



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