Should I? Should I not ? I’m confused 😩😩😩

With my dreams in hand walking into a world unknown. Excited about the next day’s adventures and sad about today’s failure. My reality is that of many but only I know of the feelings bottled up inside. Blocked by morality caging me into this box that im struggling to break free from but staying under […]


Prayers and requests Have rolled off of my lips One by one One after another Your responses vague At times none existent I will continue to believe in your existence But please answer my prayers Your responses ARE the bases of my FAITH


Cherished in my heart you stay A faint memory of childhood bliss. The hope of a future happiness To be had Protected under lock and key Cherished in my heart u stay…


Hips swaying to the beat of the music in my ears. I’m walking like my colleague say “kuzvonyongoka” walking proudly like a princess. I feel pretty today I look really pretty today. And my confidence shows it. It is not how I have been, not always, as a child I was like this but events […]