Thick and luscious…

The baobab! So thick, luscious and green; here to stay! Marking the landscape with its ever dominant presence, making the other creatures jealous of its beauty! Visible from the ever winding roads, majestic in its dominance. Clearly they own the land! Having survived all seasons and the test of time, their thick trunks carry with […]

Why I will keep taking space 

When you really listen to the stories told by women and you understand that these are not stories of pleasure or enjoyment. Then maybe then will you understand why I keep questioning the position of a woman in our society, why I choose to take as much space as I can. If you listen for […]

I am because you let me 

It has been 25 years since you pushed, screamed, cried and prayed that i get out of the womb safely. I remember the story of my birth like i was there 😂😂 Lol yes i was there but like i have a memory of it. Thank you for telling me that story i thnk the […]

Saying goodbye to Norway 

This is hard! I’m in love with Oslo😍😍.I’m supposed to be excited about going home and seeing my family and friends and don’t get me wrong I AM. But I got comfortable in Oslo what she offered me was beautiful,crazy fun,ugly and plain old happy. I met people who became my friends and that I […]

Sometimes in November

Sometimes in November I remember the goofy games,nicknames and the old recycled  bicycle you revamped for us. the love the protectiveness which I see in our photos from the postures. Sometimes in November I laugh and cry , the process is often confusing. This November i am happy for the memories and the confidence you […]